Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hi Guys!

Sumo Update since Cyprus Rally isn't going well... Day 14 is over and today was a big day of upsets! I was busy listening to the rally on Rally Radio so I didn't watch the tournament today. I can't wait to watch the digest tonight!

Asashoryu was beaten today by Chiyotakai! I love Chiyotakai so I'm happy to see him upset the Yokozuna. I'm sure it was a huge upset! That actually makes him 12-2 now and still the leader but just an amazing bout today!! I can't wait to see it.

Kotooshu beat Hakuho, that is great his record is now 9-5 but Hakuho dropped to 8-6, that is an awful record. It will be awhile before they consider him for promotion now! Ama lost again today and went from matching Asashoryu's record to now being 10-4 but still that is fantastic record and I'm proud of him. He lost to a higher ranking rikishi and someone much bigger than him.

Kotomitsuki lost tonight too, his record also being 8-6 and that isn't good for him!! Takamisakari won and I can't wait to see his fight tonight. His record isn't good, just even 7-7. I hope next tournament he'll be back in his winning ways.

I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. Asashoryu has won the tournament today, even if he loses tomorrow he still has the best record, the closest to him is 4 losses. So he has clinched the tournament this time! You know... just like wrc we always know who wins... I hope Sumo changes around soon just like I hope WRC changes soon!!!



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