Sunday, September 23, 2007

September Grand Sumo Tournament: Day 14 Update:

Standings as of Day 14 (Saturday):

Hakuho 12-2 (a win today over Goeido)
Kotooshu 8-6 (a loss today to Kasugao)
Kotomitsuki 9-5 (a win today over Chiyotaikai, wish I had seen it!)
Chiyotaikai 9-5 (a loss today to Kotomitsuki, this must have been a great match as they were fairly equal and fighting to keep their rankings!)
Takamisakari 7-7 (his winning streak ended today with a loss to Toyohibiki! I'm so sorry for him! I Hope he comes back tomorrow so he can have 8-7 record!!!!)

Aminishiki 9-5 (he had a win over Toyonoshima today!)

I'm fairly certain Hakuho will clinch this tournament with winning match tomorrow to end at 13-2. The only possible challenge is Kyokutenho who is now 11-3. If Hakuho losses on Sunday and Kyokutenho wins then they'll be tired at 12-3 and they'd have to have a match to break the tie. Kyokutenho is up against Ama who is doing very well this tournament but is only 10-4 now. So that match anything is possible! Hakuho is up against Goeido who is also 10-4 and doing very well this tournament. Hakuho would be the favorite here but Goeido could surprise us and again anything is possible!

Good Luck Hakuho!!! You deserve to win this tournament on your Yokozuna debut!!!!


Baruto 12-2 (a loss today to Chiyohakuho)
However with 12-2 he's won the Juryo division no matter what happens tomorrrow!!

This tournament has been fantastic thus far! Many people were disappointed that Yokozuna Asashoryu would be absent, it would be the first time two Yokozuna would be battling each other and that was a great thing to look forward. However, I don't like Asashoryu and so I don't mind him being absent this tournament at all! Recently some call him the "bad boy" of Sumo. This isn't good! Sumo isn't like WWE where being a "bad boy" is a cool thing!


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